Wat Bang Phra Tattoo Festival

By Scott February 27th, 2010, under General

In my younger days (I am getting on a bit now, so I am allowed to say that!), I never dreamed that one day I would get a tattoo. Actually, I never imagined that I would find myself living in the tropics in the Far East, but that’s a whole nother story altogether …

More to the point, I would never have dreamed that one day I might attend a Tattoo Festival in a Thai temple!

Well, this morning my wife and I woke up outrageously early, and went with two friends to the Wat Bang Phra Tattoo Festival.

So how did that happen exactly?

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Poorly Rendered – a new blog

By Scott February 26th, 2010, under General

After using my own site as a sounding board for my rants, I liked the idea of having a rant site (for technical content) that was non-personal – by which I mean it has its own name and not mine – with no personal posts in it.

This site will become a blog for more personal stuff, since it bears my name. To me this makes good sense, as the more ‘neutral’ Poorly Rendered site can contain stuff that is not necessarily related to me, and my own site (this one – the one with my name) can have stuff about me and my life.

Given that my life typically centres around technical stuff and the latest (especially Apple) gadgets anyway, I can see Poorly Rendered getting a load more traffic than this one.

The new site can be found here : http://www.poorlyrendered.com/


And please let me know what you think of the new site – both what you think of the idea, and what you think of the site itself, although right now it is largely without content!

What on Earth is up with Adobe?

By Scott February 19th, 2010, under Adobe

We’ve all heard the stories about how Toyota is having problems with everything right now, and have even paused production of many of their top-selling models while they sort out the problem (and presumably so they don’t have to go back and fix a load of cars they just built, as well as not producing a load of cars that nobody will buy because of perceived problems).

But in a recent article, The Register (UK IT News with a light-hearted slant, and one of my favourite sites) were reporting on the latest ‘news’ from the world of Adobe, about a serious security flaw in the Adobe Download Manager. They made the comment that this problem and others in recent times “have made Adobe the Toyota of the software industry”.

Initially, this made me laugh, but only because it is so true!

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More about Google apps generally

By Scott February 12th, 2010, under General

After talking at a little length about Google Buzz yesterday, I was thinking this afternoon about what it would take to make it a success in the face of the functionality present in Twitter and email.

Twitter has what can best be described as a huge following. Sure, it has limitations – but for the most part people are OK with that. They are familiar with how to use it, and how it behaves.

But to me, the clincher is that Twitter has a published API. With that, anyone who wants to can write a Twitter client on literally any platform (any platform that has a TCP/IP stack, at any rate).

This has led to a plethora of clients for every smartphone, every desktop OS. Every system that people would like a Twitter client for. There is a Twitter client for the Commodore 64.

But wait – Google has an iPhone app for their Google Apps! Have you seen it?

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Google Buzz – what’s the point?

By Scott February 11th, 2010, under General

Google seem to be taking over the world.

I know they have made a point of not being evil, but it seems that they are trying to corner every activity on the Internet, from web search, email to chat, to social communication to … whatever Wave and Buzz are about. I mean – they even have a free DNS service!

So right now, mere months after the raging excitement followed by bewilderment that was the release of Wave, we now have Google Buzz.

And the buzz (pardon the expression) on the internets seems to be … “what’s it for?”

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iPad – Why So Much Hate?

By Scott February 7th, 2010, under iPad

The tech press looked like real idiots recently.

The usual Apple-watchers got wind that there was a new product in the pipeline, which is pretty much what they sit waiting for. And as is their wont, they started speculating about what the new device would be. What size is it, what hardware spec is it, et cetera, et cetera.

The speculation reached insane levels in the build-up to the day of the announcement, with everyone seemingly getting caught up in it. Some of the outlandish claims made for this new device were actually hilarious, and some were probably not even physically possible.

And then came the announcement.

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So what about Flash?

By Scott February 7th, 2010, under Adobe

There is a debate going on at the moment about Flash. This is a debate that has only really started heating up since Apple announced the iPad and stated that neither it nor the iPhone (and iPod Touch) would be running Flash any time soon.

Adobe countered this very public dismissal of their software by saying that Apple would be denying users of the iPhone/iPad the ability to view ‘most of’ the internet.

I can understand why Adobe would be put out by Apple’s refusal to support their technology, on the back of which they sell their own products, and I can also understand why Apple does not want to support Flash on the iPhone OS (for want of a better name – what else should we call it, MacOS Mobile?).

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By Scott February 6th, 2010, under General


So … I had the same basic layout for my website for the last eight years. It was getting a little boring.

I have been using computers since 1979, and writing my own software out of interest since 1980. My first job started in March 1987 with RCP (later RCP Consultants), and I stayed there until the end of February 2004.

At RCP we got a dial-up UUCP connection to the internet in 1993, and used it to do batch downloads of USENET and email several times a day. I wrote my first personal website in 1996, and it got its own domain name (this one) in 2001.

So you can say that I have a fair bit of experience with computers and with the internet.

And here we are in 2010. Frankly, it’s astonishing that my own website has hardly changed at all in eight years.

New Look

Really, I wanted a blog. Somewhere I could post my rants so they could be ignored by a much wider audience.

After trying to install one as a sub-page to the main website, and running into what can best be described as ‘technical issues’, I decided to replace the previous site completely … with a blog!

Feel free to comment on anything you see in here.